Buddhist Etiquette Class 佛教礼仪班

The concept of “three thousand rules of proper manners and eighty thousand fine practices” suggests that positive conduct not only harmonises the practitioner’s body and mind but also contributes to the enlightenment of all sentient beings. In Buddhism, the four kinds of comportment — walk like the wind, stand like a pine, sit like a bell and lie like a bow — guide us to cultivate mindfulness in our actions, speech, and thoughts as we partake in these activities. By engaging in this practice, we can reflect on our inner spiritual journey through our outward conduct.


Note 注意:
1. Participants are advised to bring along their Hai Qing (Threefold Refuge) and Man Yi (Five Precepts). *Not mandatory

2. The class will be conducted in Mandarin.

Date 日期:28 October 2023 (Saturday)

Time 时间:9am to 11am

Registration Date 报名日期:25 September to 24 October 2023 (or until fully registered | 或额满为止)

Venue 地点:Venerable Hong Choon Memorial Hall | Level 1 | Ju Yuan Fang
                       宏船老和尚纪念堂 | 1楼 | 聚缘坊

To Register 报名:
Online registration 线上报名: https://tinyurl.com/2023BEC-03

Temple Map 寺内指南: kmspks.org/visit/temple-map/

Enquiry 询问:6849 5326 / 6849 5300 | sed@kmspks.org


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