Mindfulness for Better Sleep 用正念改善睡眠

Are you constantly feeling exhausted and have trouble falling asleep at night? Factors such as stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.  In this session, learn how to practice mindfulness and cultivate a calm mind. Join us on a journey to improve your sleep quality and eventually overcome insomnia!


What will you learn?   您将学习什么?

  • What is Mindfulness? 什么是正念?
  • Skill Practice – Mindful Movement 正念练习—正念伸展
  • Reasons for difficulty in sleeping 入眠困难的原因
  • Skill Practice – Body Scan 正念练习—身体扫描
  • Scientific study on mindfulness and insomnia 正念与失眠的科学研究

In this course, participants will be guided through various mindfulness practices, perform self-inquiry and share their home practice experience with others. The participant will be provided with worksheets and guided meditation recordings to help them with the home practice.


Conducted in Mandarin 华语授课:

日期:2023年11月19日 (星期天)

Conducted in English 英语授课:

Date: 26 November 2023 (Sunday)
Time: 10.30am to 12.30pm

Venue 地点: Awareness Hub 普觉坊
Fee 费用: $40 per session | 每堂课 $40

Instructor 导师: Mr Ong Pee Eng 王丕荣老师

Mr Ong Pee Eng’s mindfulness journey began more than 30 years ago during his university years. When faced with a midlife crisis triggered by work, he ramped up his practise and successfully navigated through the stressful period. As a working husband and father of two daughters, he recognises that mindfulness makes him less likely to flare up at home. Presently he is a full-time mindfulness trainer, offering a diverse range of programmes, from mindfulness workshops and weeks-long courses to children’s classes and  one-on-one meditation sessions.

His interest in evidence-based teaching led him to pursue further training and acquired the following qualifications:

– A Qualified Teacher of the 8-week MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) program from the University of Massachusetts (UMASS), Center for Mindfulness (USA).
– A Certified Teacher of Koru Mindfulness program (USA) for young adults (age 18-29).
– A Certified Teacher of Paws b (age 7 to 11) and Dot b (age 11 to 18) children mindfulness programs from the Mindfulness in School Project (MiSP) (UK).
–  A Certified ACTA trainer under Singapore WSQ.

王丕荣老师有三十多年的正念练习经验,目前是一名全职正念培训师 ,教导正念学习班,帮助学员减轻压力和改善身心健康。他开办的课程有正念工作坊、四至八周的正念课程、六至十周的儿童正念课程以及一对一的正念课程。


– 美国麻省大学正念中心正念减压MBSR(Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction)课程的合格老师认证

– 美国 Koru Mindfulness 克鲁正念课程老师认证

– 英国 Mindfulness in School Project(MiSP)的Paws b(7-11岁)和 Dot b(11-18岁)儿童正念课程老师认证

– 新加坡新挤能资格(WSQ)颁发的ACTA培训师认证

To register 报名:

1) Online registration 线上报名:
Conducted in Mandarin: tinyurl.com/5y3wks6t
Conducted in English: tinyurl.com/5xs55385

2) In-person registration 柜台报名: – KMSPKS Reception Office光明山普觉禅寺接待处 | 9am to 4pm
                                                           – Awareness Hub普觉坊 | 11.30am to 6pm

Registration deadline 报名截止日期:One week before commencement or when fully registered 开课一周前或额满为止

Enquiry 询问: 6336 5067 | awarenesshub@kmspks.org