Bathing of Prince Siddhartha 浴佛

The Bathing of Prince Siddhartha ceremony re-enacts the moment when celestial dragons bathe the newborn Prince. Perfumed water, arranged with flowers in a basin, is scooped with a ladle and mindfully poured over the statue of baby Prince Siddhartha.

To bathe the Buddha:
1. Kneel before the altar, palms joined in reverence to the Buddha.
2. Take a ladle, fill it with water, and gently pour it over the Buddha statue’s shoulder.
3. Recite the Vesak Hymn:

I today bathe the Tathagatas,
Pure wisdom, solemnity, and merit are gathered,
The five impurities of sentient beings are cleansed,
I vow to attain the Tathagata’s pure Dharma-body.

4. Dedication of merit:

May all merits accumulated from this ritual be dedicated to [name] and all sentient beings, purifying defilements and negative karma, bringing happiness and freedom from suffering.


1. 跪在佛像前,双手合十对佛陀表示敬意。
2. 用三勺香花净水灌浴佛像。
3. 默念浴佛偈:


4. 回向:


Date, Time, and Venue
日期、时间与地点 :

• 15 May, 6am — 2pm
Hall of Great Compassion 大悲殿 

• 21 May, 6pm — 22 May, 5pm
Hall of Great Compassion 大悲殿 

• 21 May, 6.45pm — 22 May, 4pm
Prajna Meditation Hall 般若禅堂 

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