February 26 : Rainy Day Reactions

On rainy days, we usually react with all our likes, dislikes and other opinions about the rain. A different perspective that will increase our Dharma wisdom is to see rain as a conditioned thing, as a compounded product of causes that will produce more results in turn. This is the definition of a functioning thing: something that performs a function and is conditioned by and will condition other things. Instead of reacting with “I want”, “I don’t like”, or “I prefer”, we can think about how April showers produce May flowers that are going to produce June flowers. We can apply this perspective to everything we encounter and learn to see people’s words and actions, as well as our reactions to them, as the results of karmic causes and current conditions. This will help pull us out of our inner dialogues like, “Why are they doing this? They’re so stupid!” or, “I really like what they’re doing. They must be fantastic people.” 

We can also try to imagine the kinds of circumstances or events people will experience in the future as a result of their current behaviour. This new way of looking at things we encounter in our daily life will really increase our understanding of what conditioned phenomena and dependent origination mean, and it will also increase our understanding of karma and its effects. 

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