The Grand Prayer that Blesses and Benefits All Sentient Beings 水陆法会


The Grand Prayer that Blesses and Benefits All Sentient Beings was inaugurated by Emperor Wu of the Liang Dynasty during his reign (502-549). It stands as one of the most virtuous Buddhist ceremonies, encompassing the dispelling of misfortune, universal liberation, and the offering of both Dharma teachings and sustenance to the ten Dharma Realms. Months of meticulous preparation culminate at the commencement of the puja, marked by consecration and boundary-setting rituals. This sacred observance not only facilitates the liberation of those who have departed but also nurtures the accumulation of virtues for the living.

The venue for this profound ritual is partitioned into the Inner Shrine and the Outer Shrines. The Outer Shrines are further categorised as the Grand Shrine, the Flower Adornment Shrine, the Surangama Shrine, the Lotus Shrine, the Shrine of the Various Sutras, the Pureland Shrine, and the Pali Shrine. Each of these shrines hosts distinct rituals and recitations of various sutras. Spanning seven days and nights, this grand prayer engages approximately a hundred Venerables. Throughout this duration, a total of 64 prayer sessions will be conducted across the diverse Inner and Outer Shrines,

水陆法会 The Grand Prayer that Blesses and Benefits All Sentient Beings

日期 Date: 2023年12月3日至10日 | 3 to 10 December 2023 
地点 Venue: 光明山普觉禅寺 | Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery 

登记类别 Registration Categories:

登记日期 Registration Date: 从2023年9月15日起 | From 15 September 2023 

柜台登记 In Person Registration:
光明山普觉禅寺 寺务处 KMSPKS Front Office | 8.30am to 4pm

线上登记 Online Registration: Click Here  (Applicable for * categories only)

询问 Enquiry: 6849 5333


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