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Failure should be experienced early when young

Regardless of whether we are running 100 metres or a marathon or whether we are leading or lagging in the race, our focus should not be on winning or losing it, but on giving our utmost to complete the journey.





Applying buddhist teachings real life situations

The Buddha taught us to always uphold virtue and eradicate non-virtue. Unfortunately, people frequently focus only on their short-term gains or convenience, without any regard for the possible consequences.

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February 2 : Unexpected Spiritual Teachers

There you are, in a staff meeting, or family gathering, or with your Dharma group and spiritual mentor, and some loud-mouthed jerk comes in and trashes you in front of everybody. Or you are in front of a whole auditorium full of people receiving an award and somebody stands up and says…

January 27 : Broadening our Spectrum of Aspiration

Like dew on the tip of a blade of grass, pleasures of the three worlds last only a while and then vanish. Aspire to the never-changing supreme state of liberation. This is the practice of Bodhisattvas.

January 28 : Kind Mother Sentient Beings

When your mothers, who have loved you since time without beginning, are suffering, what use is your happiness? Therefore, to free limitless living beings, develop the altruistic intention. This is the practice of Bodhisattvas….

January 29 : Taking and Giving

All suffering comes from the wish for your own happiness. Perfect Buddhas are born from the thought to help others. Therefore, exchange your happiness for the suffering of others. This is the practice of Bodhisattvas….

January 30 : Practising in the Face of Adversity

How do we feel when somebody borrows a book and does not return it, or borrows ten dollars and does not pay us back? We are not happy campers. Imagine how angry and upset we would be if we came home to find everything gone…

January 31 : Transforming Anger

When someone does something to us that we do not like, we usually feel like we have not done anything wrong. This then justifies our retaliation, and the others whom we have harmed will also think in the same way. Regardless of whether we have done something wrong or…

February 1 : Working with Criticism

One of our biggest attachments is our reputation. If somebody broadcasts one tiny unpleasant remark about us to the cat, we get completely freaked out and angry. Even yogis living in caves can get hooked on their reputation amongst town people as great renunciants and…

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