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Knowing and Celebrating Vesak

As we immerse ourselves in the grand festivities this Vesak Day, let us commemorate Shakyamuni Buddha and remember his noble spirit and great achievements.




当你害怕痛苦就越痛苦,害怕痛苦的程度与你承受痛苦的程度成正比例;所以, 在面对痛苦时,就要接受痛苦,品尝痛苦,并学习好好地“看着”它,痛苦慢慢就会减弱,就会渐渐消解,成为过去。

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September 22 : Renunciants and Helping Society

As Dharma practitioners, we all start out hearing the same teachings. But I have noticed that after some years of everybody getting the same basic teachings, some people are interested in particular teachings and practices, while others are more…

September 23 : Creatures of Habit and Adapting to Change

Ironically, the nature of everything is change but we do not adapt to it very well. We are very much creatures of habit and routine, and often we get shaky when our routine gets disrupted. We have been changing since we were born, things keep on…

September 24 : Changing Perspectives

The pleasantness or unpleasantness of something, goodness or badness, happiness or suffering are all completely dependent on the situation. The desirability of something does not exist inherently in that object but rather exists as a…

September 25 : Identifying the Object of Negation

Identifying the object of negation when we meditate on emptiness is difficult simply because it is present much of the time. We live much of our lives grasping at things that appear inherently existent, especially ourselves, but it is hard to recognise this because…

September 20 : Living Mindfully

Right after my mother passed away, I got an email from my sister saying that my dad was feeling sad and guilty because he felt that he should have hugged and kissed my mom more before she died. It reminded me of when I was…

September 21 : Kindness and the Critical Mind

Kindness is highly regarded throughout the world and is valuable from any perspective, but sometimes we have inner difficulties with letting our kindness shine through. One of the biggest problems is a critical or judgmental mind that is always…

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