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The 10 Advantages of Bodhicitta

What we emphasise and pay attention to influences our experience. Continuously recalling all that we have received from others eliminates our feelings of alienation and loneliness.





Knowing and Celebrating Vesak

As we immerse ourselves in the grand festivities this Vesak Day, let us commemorate Shakyamuni Buddha and remember his noble spirit and great achievements.

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July 17 : Making Wise Decisions

If what you do brings on suffering eventually, though it may appear as happiness at that moment, do not do it. After all, food that is beautifully cooked but mixed with poison is left untouched, is it not?

July 12 : Faith

If somebody is telling me about some other people, “Oh they’re this and this,” I want to get to know them so I can see what they really are like. That is because in the religion I grew up with a lot of holy figures who had a lot of excellent qualities, but…

July 13 : The Medicine of the Dharma

The Dharma is the real refuge. What we need to do first is take refuge in the causal three refuges: the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha that are at the moment external to us. Only when we had realised the Buddha, Dharma and…

July 14 : Bodhisattvas Wash Others’ Dishes

If people are really practising, when they saw themselves getting mad at the person who left the dirty dish in the sink, they would say, “I’m angry. Why? What am I thinking? Oh, I have this whole story I’m telling myself, that people are…

July 15 : Making an Effort

As you are doing refuge practice, what you want to aim for is to deepen your wisdom and your compassion. The purpose of the practice is not just to generate a lot of emotional faith, but it is to really understand the Buddha, Dharma and…

July 16 : The Eight Mahayana Precepts

With such thoughts make efforts in the refuge and live as best as you can in the five lifelong precepts, praised by the Buddha as the basis of lay life. Take the eight one-day precepts at times and guard them dearly.

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