About KMSPKS 光明山普觉禅寺


To actively propagate, learn and practise the Buddha-dharma.



To be an international Buddhist hub guided by compassion and wisdom for the enlightenment of all.



Cultivate with diligence 精进的修持

To constantly improve ourselves through spiritual cultivation, so as to internalise exemplary work and social ethics.

Leverage on strategic alliances  推动策略性联盟

To leverage on collective strength achieved through strategic alliances and co-operation that would create value and benefits for KMSPKS and other organisations.

Be an international model for the Buddhist community 在本寺所选择奉献的国际领域卓越成就,以有效的协助佛教社群 。

To be the international best in the areas that KMSPKS chooses to serve in, so as to help the Buddhist community effectively.

Build a progressive culture 建立跃进的文化

To build the best, synergised, creative, dynamic, supportive and appreciative culture for Buddhists across different ages and backgrounds that will enable them to be successful in their spiritual and social aspirations.

Develop Buddhist role models 培育模范佛教领袖

To attract and groom talented Buddhist leaders by giving them the opportunities to contribute. They will become the role models of the Buddhist way to success.

Our Story 我们的故事

Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery (KMSPKS) is a spiritual sanctuary in urban Singapore where one can learn the Buddha’s teachings of wisdom and compassion; practise mindfulness; develop gratitude and bring happiness to all. 

Founded in 1921, KMSPKS is one of the first traditional Chinese forest monasteries in Singapore.  Today, the monastery sits on 75,470 square metres – equivalent to the size of almost 11 football fields – and is one of the most significant and renowned monasteries in Southeast Asia. Over the years, we have grown dynamically in Dharma propagation, community involvement and religious harmony efforts. Today, we are a community of Buddhists who come together to learn, practise and share the teachings of the Buddha.


Buddhist College of Singapore

” An institution to nurture outstanding Buddhist leaders of the future. “

The Buddhist College of Singapore (BCS)  founded by Ven Sik Kwang Sheng in 2005, is an institution for Sangha’s higher Buddhist education. Located within the premises of KMSPKS, it offers both BA and MA Degree programmes in English and Chinese. Visit BCS website for details.

新加坡佛学院(BCS)由光明山普觉禅寺现任方丈广声大和尚于2005年创办, 是经本地教育部批准的佛教高等学府。位于本寺内的新加坡佛学院以华、英语授课提供学士和硕士学位。创办佛学院的意向,是为了培养能双语并用的僧侣(出家众),助于延续发展汉传佛教在讲英语环境里的传播。课程传播的哲理是基于信奉汉传佛教原则上尊重团结和谐,尽管课程专于汉传佛教, 其他体系也一并教导。若想知道更多详情,请浏览新加坡佛学院网页

Awareness Place

  ” Live every moment with awareness.”

Awareness Place (AP) is run by KMSPKS with two outlets retailing a wide range of Buddhist books by contemporary and international authors, as well as Buddhist-related products. AP seeks to inspire all on a spiritual journey towards inner tranquillity. You can also visit our AP online store.

光明坊(Awareness Place)是本寺直属的两间书店,售卖佛教文物、书籍,以及礼品。其中一间设在本寺内,另一间则在小坡百胜楼。光明坊期望激发信众心灵旅程上的安宁自在,因此广寻富有启发心智、安抚心灵的书籍、光碟、附件和具生活化的产品。

您也可以通过Awareness Place的网页,全天候方便地选购产品。光明坊时时刻刻陪伴您!


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