For The Departed 亡者安置

One of the most difficult times in our lives is when we lose our loved ones. Emotions such as grief, anger or confusion may set in. As we cope with these emotions, at the same time, there are many arrangements to be made. We hope to make things a little easier for the bereaved with information on after death related matters. 生命中最困难的时刻之一就是失去亲人。情绪如悲伤,无助或混乱可能会出现。当我们应对这些情绪的同时,还有许多后事安排需要完成。 希望以下相关事宜能有助于您。

Cremation service 预定火化

Booking of cremation service must be done through the Casket Company / funeral services.

Custody Service (Ji Ling) 寄灵

After cremation, the family can opt to place the ashes and continue their prayers to the deceased in the Ji Ling Hall. Custody Services (Ji Ling) range from 21 days ($330), 49 days($550) and 100 days ($1100). This service does not include prayer.

家属能在亡者去世寄灵本寺,二十一至四十九日为亡者寄灵祭拜。寄灵服务的费用(不包括诵经)如 ** 二十一天 ($330) 四十九天 ($550) , 一百天($1100)。

Reservation for vegetarian food 预订斋食

For vegetarian lunch after cremation and prayer sessions, reservation must be made in advance

Prayer Services 诵经服务

Family members can arrange for Prayer Service by resident monks in our compound More details.


For enquiry, please call 询问

Front Office | 8.30 am to 4.30 pm daily
寺务处 | 每日早上八点半 至 下午四点半

Filial Piety, the foundation of all virtues

Niches Location 

The newly renovated Hall of Filial Piety is located on the 3rd Floor of Pu An Columbarium. It is a sanctuary and elegant ideal resting place for your departed loved ones.

Permanent Lease : Pu An Ta 普安塔  Level 1 & 2 (non-aircon)
40yrs lease: PAT 普安塔 level 3 (aircon)
60yrs lease: PTT 普同塔 (aircon)

 For details, please call the Crematorium office during office hours.



位于本寺普安塔三楼翻新的孝恩堂,是个安奉尊亲挚爱骨灰殿。殿内环境舒适,清净优雅,传承孝道文化,已故亲人安息的福地。  询问:

The 1001 Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Offering


Annual offering of a Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva statue for deliverance and transference of merits to your departed loved ones. Immeasurable merits accrued to both the living and the departed. 

Per Bodhisattva statue 每尊菩萨圣像:$108
Venue 地点:Pu An Ta | Level 3 | Hall of Filial Piety
                      普安塔 | 三楼 | 孝恩堂
Opening hours 开放时间:8am - 4pm
Sponsorship period 供奉期限:1 July – 30 June following year
Online registration 上网报名:
Enquiry 询问:Front Office (寺务处) 6849 5333   |  Crematorium Office (普安塔) 6849 5343  

Hall of Pureland 净土堂

Ancestral tablets are housed at Hall of Pureland. Seated in the centre of the Hall is the statue of Amitabha Buddha, whom made 48 great vows such that those who aspire to be reborn in his Western Pureland would learn the Dharma, practise the Bodhisattva path and to attain nirvana.

Each tablet can accommodate max. 6 names. Upon confirmation, the tablet will take 4 weeks to be ready and amendments of names are strictly NOT allowed.

坐落在万佛宝塔的1楼,净土堂内安置祖先牌及供奉阿弥陀佛 - 西方极乐世界教主。 此坛也是提供三时系念佛事之处。

阿弥陀佛宣誓四十八大愿,若人发愿往生西方极乐世界,与诸菩萨一起实习菩萨道至涅槃成佛。净土坛 牌位顶限六个名字。
注: 请容许四个星期预备牌位。一旦作了决定,恕不容许任何更改。询问: 寺务处

For Enquiry, please call Front Office. Open daily from 8.30 am – 4.30 pm.


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