Offerings 供奉

Making offerings to the Triple Gem is one of the devotional Buddhist practice, and a basis of merit and wholesome action.

What is most important is to cultivate a pure motivation or altruistic intention when making an offering. For instance, the offering of light represents the illuminating brilliance of wisdom, which dispels the darkness of ignorance on the path towards Enlightenment; and the offering of flowers serves as a reminder of the impermanence of all things, urging us to treasure every moment of our lives without becoming attached.

We generate the motivation to attain enlightenment in order to benefit all sentient beings. We dedicate the merit of generosity and the like to benefit all sentient beings. An act of offering or giving leads to mental purification of greed and will bring us happiness, in accordance with the law of cause and effect taught by the Buddha.

Here are some ways you can make offerings to the Triple Gem.





  • 您可用香、燃灯或鲜花供奉佛陀
  • 您也可供法支持本寺印制刊物。
  • 供僧通过现款或捐献白米,食品礼篮或其他必需品。

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