Gratitude Corner is an environmental and community outreach programme that aims to spread the values of gratitude through recycling efforts as well as to educate people on the concept of mindful consumption.



Monday to Sunday 星期一至星期天,9am to 4pm


Venerable Hong Choon Memorial Hall, level 1 (one level below Dining Hall). You may put clothing and household items into the Green Recycling Bin, and books and CDs into the Cage Trolley.



Accepted Items  可回收物品:

Paper Products (Books, newspapers, magazines & cardboard) / Metal / Clothing and Bags / Aluminium Cans

 纸张 (书籍,报纸,杂志,纸皮)/ 金属 / 衣服和背包 / 铝罐

*We seek your understanding and cooperation that the items donated are clean and in good condition.

Non-accepted Items  不可回收物品:

Religious statue / Furniture and other bulky or heavy items / Items more than one metre in length and width eg. Golf Clubs / Items with food stains, ants and other “life forms” / Clay, ceramics, porcelain and old kitchenware / Rubber, leather and styrofoam items / Diapers, undergarments, socks, pillows and other similar items / Mattress, curtain and carpet / Wooden items, mirror, glass window, fluorescent lamps and batteries / Ring file, framed religious poster, and Electronic Items. Recycled books (including Buddhist books) will likely be recycled as paper.

宗教雕像 / 家具以及超过一米的大型沉重物品 /  有食物污渍、蚂蚁或其他生命居住的物品 / 粘土、陶瓷、旧厨房用品 / 橡胶、皮革、保丽龙等物品 / 尿布、内衣、袜子、枕头等物品 / 床褥、窗帘、地毯等物品 / 木制物品、镜子、玻璃窗、荧光灯、电池等物品 / 宗教相框及电子产品等。所有回收的书籍(包括佛学书籍)将可能会被当成纸张回收。

Participate in Gratitude Corner 欢迎莅临修福站

Gratitude Shop 修福轩

Stumble upon treasures at Gratitude Shop! 莅临修福轩(斋堂外)寻找宝物!!

 Mon to Sun 10am – 3pm
   Outside Dining Hall (South Wing)

**Closed on 29 March & 10 April 2024.

Join us as a Green Ambassador today!
Volunteer your service at our Recycling Sorting Area & Gratitude Shop and embark on a journey towards mindful living and consumption.

Enquiry: or Sign up here

Mobile Kiosk 义卖站

Check out our Mobile Kiosk for affordable and good deals! 欢迎前来义卖站购买经济实惠的二手物品!

Date*:  18 Jan | 6 Feb | 7 Mar | 4 Apr | 5, 21, 22 May | 3 Jun 2024
 9am – 1.30pm
   Corridor between Dining Hall and Front Office 斋堂与寺务处的走廊

(*The date is subject to change 日期将可能调整)


Pick up an Eco Enzyme at our Gratitude Shop and be a part of efforts to reduce waste landfill and water pollution on our Earth.
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Mindful Umbrella Sharing Programme 爱心伞共享计划

In the spirit of compassion and mindful community engagement, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery is pleased to introduce the Mindful Umbrella Sharing Programme. 以慈悲和正念为社区贡献,光明山普觉寺推出爱心伞共享计划。

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