Mindful Umbrella Sharing Programme 爱心伞共享计划

In the spirit of compassion and mindful community engagement, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery is pleased to introduce the Mindful Umbrella Sharing Programme.

Guided Borrowing:
• An umbrella can be borrowed from the stand at the Reception Office when needed.
• Please return the umbrella to the stand in good condition after use.

Generosity in Action:
• Embodying the spirit of generosity, you may consider donating functional umbrellas to the stand.

May your mindful actions bring blessings to all beings. Thank you for creating a caring and considerate environment for all.

Note: We have a limited number of umbrellas available for sharing, thus your thoughtful consideration in contributing, borrowing or returning is deeply appreciated.


• 若有需要,您可以从本寺接待处的支架处借用爱心伞。
• 使用以后,请将爱心伞以完好的状态归还至原处。

• 您也可以考虑捐赠可使用的爱心伞,以行动传递爱心。