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没有人会满足于本可改善的不理想现状,所以我们应努力寻找一个更好的方法,要用 行动去改善事物,而不是望洋空悲叹,一味表示不满。如果你有过于要求完美的心理趋向,应当尽快调整。

What is the meaning and purpose of life?

Understanding the preciousness of our human life is one of the first steps on the path to enlightenment. If we do not appreciate our life, we would not use it in a valuable way.

The Benefits of Taking Refuge

From ancient times to the present, the taking of refuge has functioned as the entranceway to the teaching of the Buddha.

What is Buddha-nature?

In Buddhism, the ultimate goal is to attain liberation and become a Buddha. The topic of “Buddha-nature” deals with whether one could become a Buddha, and is hence considered one of the most crucial concepts in Buddhism.

To Be Grateful is Most Blissful

People must always be grateful. We must remember and be grateful to others who have helped us. If we are grateful, we are sure to be happy.

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October 4 : Dealing with Health Issues

Fear often arises when we do not feel well or when we are injured. Our minds get tight and start writing the incredible worst-case scenario — because we have the sniffles, we are going to die of pneumonia. Then we think about it, amplify it, get depressed or…

October 5 : Birthdays

Birthdays in our culture are a rather strange phenomenon. They are usually all about the person who is born, and so we really like to celebrate our birthdays. But our birthdays should be a celebration and a thank you to our parents because…

October 6 : Kindness of Our Parents and All Beings

When I went to Australia, I wanted to see a kangaroo but there was no time. Instead, my kind hosts gave me a stuffed mama kangaroo with a baby in its pouch. I thought about how the baby kangaroo would grow up and become…

October 7 : Counteracting Attachments to Persons

Geshe-la said during one of his teachings that he had struggled with raising his sister’s children because they were very naughty and rebellious. Sensing his aggravation, his brother had told him, “This is only a relationship of this life, so cool down. You’re doing the…

October 2 : Apologising

One thing that frequently comes to the mind is relationships and how we have treated people in the past. You do not need to provoke it; it comes up by itself. Do not dwell on it, but when you see that you have acted in an inappropriate way to…

October 3 : Forgiveness

Forgiveness is important — forgiving others and also forgiving ourselves. All forgiveness means is I am going to stop being angry about it. We see that anger is making us suffer. Somebody may have done something horrible to…

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