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Applying buddhist teachings real life situations

The Buddha taught us to always uphold virtue and eradicate non-virtue. Unfortunately, people frequently focus only on their short-term gains or convenience, without any regard for the possible consequences.

The Healing Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is a panacea to panic. However, we have to practise gratitude before we can internalise it in order to emit the waves of gratitude in all directions at all times.



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December 7 : Buddhist Precepts Regarding Food

The Buddha was completely against harsh ascetic practices like fasting. He had tried them himself during the six years before his awakening and had seen that an emaciated and starving body affected the clarity of the mind.

December 8 : The Heart Connection Between Monastics and Laypeople

The practice of doing alms rounds set up a relationship of dependency between the sangha and the lay community in which the lay community provided food and the sangha gave Dharma teachings. We try to duplicate this economy of generosity in…

December 9 : Healing the Body, Mind, and World with Bob Wilson

We are all interconnected and interdependent. Many of the beings that I have incarnated with in this life have struggled with achieving and maintaining healthy choices, which has caused immense suffering for them personally and their families. I weighed 400 pounds in…

December 10 : Recognising Our Inner Beauty with Heather Duchscher

I was a pretty normal kid growing up in the 1970s. I was never overweight but still feared gaining weight. I was heavily into dieting by age 12, and I was anorexic by age 15, followed by bulimia in my later teens. I spent about two decades toddling back and…

December 11 : Starting Our Day

How do we cultivate a kind heart? It is not enough to tell ourselves that we should be nice, because telling ourselves what we should or should not be, feel or do does not make us become that way. Filling ourselves with “shoulds” often just makes us feel guilty because…

December 12 : Bowing

Bowing is an ancient Buddhist custom and a custom of all religions. It is done to show respect and to humble our ego. In many of the Buddhist monasteries I have visited, and in monastic conferences I have attended, you really see the effect of…

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