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Failure should be experienced early when young

Regardless of whether we are running 100 metres or a marathon or whether we are leading or lagging in the race, our focus should not be on winning or losing it, but on giving our utmost to complete the journey.





Applying buddhist teachings real life situations

The Buddha taught us to always uphold virtue and eradicate non-virtue. Unfortunately, people frequently focus only on their short-term gains or convenience, without any regard for the possible consequences.

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March 20 : A Vision of What We Can Become

What should you do if you cannot relate to Bodhisattvas because they seem so out of the ordinary, like a fantasy? Having a vision of what we can become is very important in our lives, and not only for spiritual practitioners. One of the problems in poor or minority neighbourhoods that are…

March 21 : Seasons and Impermanence

We are transitioning now into a new season. This new season will also change and cycle. The seasons remind us of impermanence and the transience of things. Often, we think of impermanence as something disadvantageous. The samsaric enjoyments that we have dissipated, they decline, depart from us, or…

March 22 : Rest

We have to understand properly what rest means because it does not just mean letting go of our mindfulness, our vigilance, and our mental alertness. Rest does not mean just letting the mind do whatever it wants, indulging in sense-pleasure, and being distracted. Real rest is when we rest in…


March 23 : Pleasing Others

It is completely impossible to please all sentient beings. It is a fruitless endeavour because everybody has different ideas and different ways of doing things. Often sentient beings do not even know what they want. They change their minds all the time. Rather than trying to please them, it is…

March 24 : Monastic Form — Showing Respect

There are several things in the monastic form where we show respect, and there are, in general, several things in Buddhism where we do that. It is very easy for our Western mind to think that this is all about hierarchy, authority, and oppression, and we do not like that very much in…

March 25 : Letting Go

Sometimes our mind works in such a way that it takes us quite a long time to let go of something. We may have a certain interpretation of a certain event for a long time and feel hurt or angry about it. Or when our mind is holding onto something strongly, even though we may intellectually know…

March 26 : In the News

Some of the situations you see in the news might be difficult, and here is where you really should be careful with your understanding of karma. For example, you see refugees from Syria drowned while trying to cross the Mediterranean. What is the karmic cause for this? First, living in…

March 27 : All About Me

Yesterday I got a request from a magazine to reprint something that I had written. The name of the magazine was Me Magazine. It was its first edition. I checked their website and saw that it is a magazine targeted at women aged 40 and older to let them know that everything is “all about me”. It was…

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