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当你害怕痛苦就越痛苦,害怕痛苦的程度与你承受痛苦的程度成正比例;所以, 在面对痛苦时,就要接受痛苦,品尝痛苦,并学习好好地“看着”它,痛苦慢慢就会减弱,就会渐渐消解,成为过去。


哪里是净土? 我一直以为只要心灵清洁,就拥有自己的净土。我并不是佛教徒,但一度为此沾沾自喜, 认为自己具有的悟性、境界和对佛法的理解比普通人高,和平常人说话时也不知不觉中抬高了姿态。然而去年夏天的一次无意阅读却仿佛一声惊雷,将我轰醒。

Cherish What You Have Instead of Envying Others

Regardless of whether we are running 100 metres or a marathon or whether we are leading or lagging in the race, our focus should not be on winning or losing it, but on giving our utmost to complete the journey.

Meditating on the Body

Desire is one of the greatest hindrances to our spiritual development, and also to our happiness in the here-and-now. We have so much wonderful potential: to be peaceful, happy, relaxed and have a loving and satisfying relationships with others.

New Release

April 24 : Death and Identity

When you hear that somebody is dying, or think about your death, it feels like there is a real, solid person who will be gone soon. If you really examine this idea, you will see that there is no person there to start with, just a body and…

April 25 : Using Suffering to Increase Compassion

Encountering people or animals that are suffering but for which we are unable to do anything about provides a good opportunity for us to practise the Dharma in real life. Feeling helpless and despondent in situations like these can lead to…

April 26 : Healthy or Sick

My body should always be healthy. I will do ten backflips to make sure it is healthy. I must have a special room for yoga. Do not ask me to do yoga in a room that has laminated flooring, even if I have a yoga mat. No. My body is too precious for…

April 27 : Basis of Designation

In our daily life, we say things like, “I see the cup,” but when we look, what are we really seeing? We are actually seeing just the colour and the shape. We are seeing the properties of the cup, and based on those…

April 22 : Intentionally Deceiving Others

Lying or intentionally deceiving others, really brings into focus how we use our speech. Some people see lying as completely justified, and if we ever feel that we must lie about something, it is good to ask ourselves, “What am I doing that…

April 23 : Kindness and Interdependence

Looking at interdependence, we see how things are dependent on many causes, and how things are interrelated. We also see interdependence when we think about how many people are involved with making and…

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