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To Be Grateful is Most Blissful

People must always be grateful. We must remember and be grateful to others who have helped us. If we are grateful, we are sure to be happy.

The Three Kinds of Morality

Moral values are as precious and beautiful ornaments and we should use them to adorn your body, speech and mind.

New Release

June 14 : He Opened His Heart

There was a man who had spent quite a long time in prison. He shared with us, in front of 25 other inmates, a little bit of what he had gone through in the past months. He had suffered a stroke and that changed his practice intensely. He turned…

June 15 : Our Most Precious Possession

Sometimes, we hear of people who commit suicide, which is such a waste of human potential. One person who was quite wealthy left most of his estate to charity but killed himself. Another young person who had served in the military in Iraq or…

June 10 : The Certainty of Death

Death will definitely come and will quickly come. Should you neglect to train your thoughts again and again on such certainties you will grow no virtuous mind, and even if you do, it will be spent on the enjoyment of the glories of this life.

June 11 : What Are We Looking for in the Teachings?

It is interesting sometimes to ask ourselves what we are looking for in the teachings. Are we looking to hear teachings so that we feel good afterwards? If that is your motivation for listening to teachings, you are not going to feel good. When I teach you about…

June 12 : Priorities

s it logical to believe that if we think about death it will really happen and if we do not think about it, it will not happen? If so, when we do not think about death we will not be prepared when it happens. This is just like taking your driving test without…

June 13 : Be in the Moment

Many times — maybe even most of the time — our mind is dwelling on the past or the future. The mind that is in the past or future does not directly perceive things. It is a conceptual mind that is remembering or projecting. Conceptual minds can be…

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