February 29 (For the Leap Year) : Poor Me Mental States

Very often we get into a “poor me” mental state: “Poor me, this is wrong with my life; poor me, that’s wrong with my life. Everybody else has better opportunities than I do, everybody else can do more than I can… poor me.” 

Aside from our regular ignorance and attachment, the “poor me” attitude and putting ourselves down are the two biggest hindrances that we have to our Dharma practice. They even take us away from the Dharma more than anger, because at least we realise we are miserable when we are angry and seek a method to get out of it. But when we are stuck in the “poor me” mentality, we stay with our two feet planted firmly on the ground and create an enormous identity about how things are just so awful for us. We may be totally miserable, but we do not seek any method to get out of it. 

One of the most effective ways to waste your precious human life is to feel sorry for yourself, so do not do it! Take it from somebody who has done that. When you catch yourself in that “poor me” mental state, stop it right away and remember to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by your precious human life. 

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