March 2 : Refraining from Negative Actions

What are the benefits of taking precepts? There are benefits for society because anytime any one of us restrains from even one negative action, there is that much less negativity put out into the world. Since we are all interdependent and influence each other so much, when we refrain from harmful actions, the people who would be the objects of our harmful actions do not get harmed. We should not underestimate this because we can see how even one person could create incredible damage to society through his negative actions, like Adolf Hitler. 

So, if each of us refrains from negative actions, it is quite a contribution towards world peace. Refraining from negative actions creates a sense of peace around us so that people who come into contact with us are not afraid and feel secure that we will not harm them through our body, speech or mind. In this way, taking and keeping precepts definitely influences the environment, the animals, the people, and the whole of society around us in a positive way.

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