March 25 : Letting Go

Sometimes our mind works in such a way that it takes us quite a long time to let go of something. We may have a certain interpretation of a certain event for a long time and feel hurt or angry about it. Or when our mind is holding onto something strongly, even though we may intellectually know that it is a wrong conception, we are not able to let go at that point. If we keep practising consistently over time, then somehow our mind changes, and one day we might look at the same event that happened in the past, and suddenly, our mind is able to let go. It is quite a sense of relief and peace when that comes. 

Knowing that our mind works in this way gives us the ability, even if our mind is still stuck in something, to know that one day we will be able to let it go. Through our previous experience, we know that someday in the future, our outlook on it will change. It just requires more purification, more accumulation of merit, and more continuous practice to change. This enables us to hold things a little bit more lightly, even when our mind is still stuck in them. 

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