May 12 : Refuge and Precepts

The day you take refuge is a very special day in your life. When you take refuge in the Triple Gem, you are very clear about your spiritual path and its purpose, meaning, and direction in your life. Having clarity on these issues is very important for inner peace of mind and well-being. Similarly, taking precepts means you are making a major decision about what you want and do not want in your life. These decisions are coming voluntarily because of your wisdom and contemplation of what has worked in your life so far and what has not. Getting to the point where you are ready to take refuge and precepts is quite wonderful, and it indicates a certain amount of spiritual and personal growth. You might have all kinds of ideals that you want to actualise immediately, but taking refuge and precepts is about setting yourself on a worthwhile and positive direction in life and going step-by-step. Having our ethical decisions already thought out makes the mind much more peaceful and clearer when we encounter difficult situations.

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