Awaken Issue 49

As the pandemic brings a new way of living for all of us, life goes on. Each and every one of us must learn to adapt and cope in our own way to a new world and a new environment. Buddhism advocates a methodical plan for the gradual elimination of stress and the increase of happiness and understanding (page 6). Such difficult times call for inner steadiness and strength for our own well-being and those around us. As long as one person remains steady and calm, it will be enough to show the way for everyone to survive (page 10). Learning to give to others (page 18); to be grateful for what we already have, instead of focusing on our losses (page 20); and planting seeds of patience, love, kindness and other noble qualities (pages 5 & 24), rather than anger (pages 16 & 34) can help us better weather the storms in life. So do upskilling oneself, being open to opportunities in other industries and expanding one’s capabilities (page 14). Essentially, it is our mind that creates our experiences (page 21).

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