December 9 : Healing the Body, Mind, and World with Bob Wilson

We are all interconnected and interdependent. Many of the beings that I have incarnated with in this life have struggled with achieving and maintaining healthy choices, which has caused immense suffering for them personally and their families. I weighed 400 pounds in the 8th grade. Finally, at 21, I said, “Holy petunias, I’ve got to do something.” That is when I lost all of my extra weight and I have maintained it ever since — I am now 65 and weigh 157. But that was the easy part.

To heal my mind, I cried out to life to help me and that is when Venerable Chodron came into my life. After teaching health education for 26 years, seeing 20 to 60 people every week, I can tell you that you literally become what you think, what you eat, and what you do. Your moment-by-moment choices shape your entire life, and it is all based on karma.

Venerable Chodron has mentioned that we are not really showing our family or friends that we love them if we do not take care of ourselves since they are directly affected by our disease and illness. My first relationship was not very healthy and after extensive spiritual practice and emotional healing, I found the companion I have been with for almost 20 years. We finally got married last year in Oregon. Though we do not always agree with one another, we have never had a fight because we use non-violent communication. We have lots of fresh food in our house and do not bring in any junk food. I left where I was working for 26 years with 750 hours of sick leave. We do strength training at the gym three days a week, which I have turned into a spiritual practice because doing those exercises is as exciting as watching paint dry. I say the mantra, do practices, and send healing energy to all the sick people in our sangha.

The principles Venerable Chodron has been teaching have totally changed my life and I have never missed a day of prayer and meditation in 43 years. My urge to compulsively overeat has not come back in 43 years and my urge to drink alcohol and take drugs has not come back in 28 years. I appreciate Venerable’s 486 | December December | 487 hard work for the world and all the teachers who helped me heal the wounds my dear family was never able to heal. As we choose to eat healthy and pray for those struggling with emotional and physical distress, we are planting seeds for healing in the world. As I walk around the grocery store, I like to offer up the food to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, asking that they send out healing energies around the world.

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