March 22 : Rest

We have to understand properly what rest means because it does not just mean letting go of our mindfulness, our vigilance, and our mental alertness. Rest does not mean just letting the mind do whatever it wants, indulging in sense-pleasure, and being distracted. 

Real rest is when we rest in emptiness, in the nature of reality, when our mind rests in bodhicitta. When the mind rests in emptiness, there is no ignorance, no attachment and no anger. When the mind rests in bodhicitta, there is no attachment and especially no anger, no partiality, bias, or prejudice. When the mind is able to rest from disturbing attitudes in that way, there is real rest, and peace of mind. 

Let us understand resting from a Dharma view and not a worldly view. The worldly way of resting often makes the mind much more turbulent. Think a little bit about what rest means and how to rest your body and mind. 

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