May 16 : The Snake of Jealousy

Lurking in its dark pit of ignorance, unable to bear the wealth and excellence of others, it swiftly injects them with its cruel poison: the snake of jealousy — please protect us from this danger.

Having the snake of jealousy lurking in its dark pit of ignorance means that we are not seeing reality for what it really is. It makes us think we will be happy if we destroy the happiness of others. Such behaviour is self-defeating.

The danger of jealousy to the mind is obvious. When we are unable to bear the wealth and excellence of others, our minds and hearts will be filled with poison. We try to demolish their happiness and good fortune and in the process harm ourselves and them. Spiteful jealousy not only lessens our self-respect but also keeps us bound in pain.

Is it really so bad if others are talented, successful and happy? Why can we not rejoice in their fortunate circumstances instead of trying to find a way to destroy them? Rejoicing in the good fortune of others is the antidote to jealousy. When others are happy, why not join in? With all the suffering we already have in the world, why would we want to add to it, when all we have to do is open our hearts and let ourselves be happy about someone else’s goodness and happiness?

It is also a great way to collect merit without lifting a finger. Imagine that! Rejoicing makes us feel good, makes others feel good, and helps us to accumulate the merit we need in order to become awakened.

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