May 27 : Self Equals Others

Like others, we are very much the same. Whenever we contemplate anything about our minds or the minds of others or our samsara or the samsara of others, we should apply it to both ourselves and others. When we see other people doing foolish things, instead of pointing the finger and accusing them, reflect on how we do those same foolish things and find that place in us that does that and realise what makes us do those actions. Try to transform it. By doing so, we use the behaviour of others, even if it is mistaken, as something to propel us along the path and help us to understand ourselves better. We also avoid judging others.

When we find confusion in our minds, rather than thinking we are the only one who has ever been confused, recognise that what we have experienced is also experienced by all sentient beings. By doing so, we avoid spiralling around ourselves, and in addition, able to generate compassion for others when we see them going through the same difficult emotion that we have gone through. This same thing applies to good qualities. When we see good qualities in others and recognise that we have the seeds of these same qualities in ourselves, it energises us to develop these qualities. When we see good qualities in ourselves, instead of getting arrogant, use them for the benefit of others and realise that others also have the seeds of these good qualities and therefore respect them.

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