November 23 : My Religion is Kindness

His Holiness the Dalai Lama says, “My religion is a kind heart.” He is pointing to something universal in all religions and he is pointing beyond the form or the theology into actual practice. While the actual practice may be based on philosophy or theology, the actual transformation of the mind is something that occurs in the heart. It is something that we have to practise to be able to bring it about, for words alone will not do it.

When he is saying, “My religion is kindness,” he is really encouraging us to go inside and develop equanimity, love, compassion, joy and forgiveness, and in that way, transform our hearts. He is not just talking about regular kindness, and being nice to people, he is also talking about the loving-kindness and the compassion that leads to the altruistic intentions of the bodhicitta. While kindness towards people in this life is good, it is only kindness in this life. We will not have the big mind to think broadly and have an attitude of kindness wishing others well in all their future lives, wishing them the happiness and skills, and abilities that full awakening brings. Let us have a big mind when it comes to thinking of what kindness is and think of the long-term as well as the short-term.

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