Befriending Your Emotions

“Emotions can get in the way or get you on the way.”

― Mavis Mazhura

Our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and decision-making process are greatly influenced by our emotions. While experiencing emotions is normal, intense feelings can sometimes lead to rumination and overthinking.  Join us as we explore ways to befriend our emotions and prevent them from “getting in our way”!


What will you learn?

  • Understand and dispel myths about emotions.
  • Relate to various emotions and make better everyday decisions.

Establish the foundation for emotional intelligence to improve relationships with both yourself and others.


Topics covered:

Understanding Emotions       

  • How’s your (internal) weather?
  • Name it to tame it.
  • How to be friends if someone is not-so-friendly?


Flourishing Amidst Emotions               

  • Understanding emotional triggers and reactions.
  • The power of the pause.
  • Befriending emotions.


This programme includes interactive activities, guided mindfulness exercises, knowledge sharings, group discussions, and reflections.           


24 and 31 May 2024 (Friday)


7.30pm to 9pm

Venue: Awareness Hub
Fee: $70 (two sessions)
Instructor profile:

Ms. Cheng Ming Hui             

Ming Hui is a leadership coach, trainer and mindfulness instructor with over twenty years of corporate experience leading regional high-performing teams in supply chain, market development, finance, and HR.

Harnessing her own transformative mindfulness journey, she is committed to empowering individuals and teams to flourish by accessing their inner strengths and expanding their core capacity.

Ming Hui is also a trained teacher in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Mindfulness: Teaching in the Workplace, certified by the University of Oxford Mindfulness Foundation.

To register:

1) Online registration:

2) In-person registration:

– KMSPKS Reception Office | 9am to 4pm

– Awareness Hub | 11.30am to 6pm

Registration deadline: One week prior to the course commencement or until fully registered.

Enquiry: 6336 5067 |