Awaken Issue 50

The greater the uncertainty, the more fearful humans become. With increased fear comes higher levels of anxiety, which in turn skew one’s perception of things and affects one’s behaviours. Consequently, this can spark or amplify more serious mental health problems, triggering long-term anxiety and depression. So how can we be free from the clutches of fear? We have to overcome the basic cause of fear: delusion (page 5), and learn to be pliable and flexible when dealing with obstacles (pages 17 & 21). Trusting our ability to navigate hard times with courage and compassion (page 9), and learn how to overcome loneliness during a shutdown (page 16). It is through the practice of meditation — by mindfully cultivating wholesome mind states in each and every moment — that we develop such wisdom (pages 13,18, 20 & 34). 


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