Retreats 静期

Retreats are a great way to start a personal exploration of Buddhism, and of yourself. On retreat you can find a greater depth and intensity of spiritual practice than you are likely to have experienced before.  The monastery offers different  kinds of retreats to suit different schedules and preferences.

佛门中精进修行的一种仪规,随着修行方法的差异, 而有不同的名称与内涵。如: 用禅宗的参禅方法打七就叫做「禅七 」;用净土宗念佛法门打七叫做「佛七」;其它像专念观世音菩萨圣号的「观音七」;专持楞严咒、大悲咒的「楞严七」、「大悲七」等等,都是随修行法门而得名的。