Gratitude Garden: Sale of compost and Eco Enzyme

Turn gratitude into fruitful greenery! As part of our green efforts, KMSPKS has been generating compost with food waste through a composting machine. See the fruits of your effort when you choose to get environmentally friendly compost at our Gratitude Shop and grow robust plants! Not only so, you have helped this world reduce food and landfill waste!


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Are you looking for an environmentally friendly solution for your home needs?

Presenting the Eco Enzyme, KMSPKS’ latest addition to our green initiatives! This multipurpose solution is made from fermenting fresh kitchen waste, water and sugar.


隆重介绍本寺绿色倡议中的最新成员,自制环保系列产品 – 环保酵素此环保酵素由果菜厨余、糖类及水发酵而成。

Why Choose Eco Enzyme?

Are you aware that every time we use regular cleaning products, we are indirectly polluting our underground water, rivers, and the environment around us? These products often contain damaging chemicals that harm the earth.

By using Eco Enzyme, we can make a positive impact on the environment and our home. This versatile and eco-friendly solution can serve as a general cleaner, air-freshener, pest repellent, as well as an organic liquid fertilizer among its many uses.

Make the switch to Eco Enzyme and enjoy a clean home without sacrificing the health of our planet.




On Sale at Gratitude Shop

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am to 3pm
Compost (2L per bag) : $5
 Eco Enzyme (1L per bottle) : $5



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