Qing Ming Notice 清明重要通告

NOTE Qing Ming (4 April 2024)

Qing Ming Parking 清明节停车位

Qing Ming Festival falls on 4 April this year. It is a Chinese tradition for families to visit their ancestors’ resting place 10 days before or after the actual day of Qing Ming.

KMSPKS urges all visitors to take public transport to the monastery. Drivers may wish to park their vehicles at alternative car parks (as denoted) as there is limited parking space at KMSPKS during this period


提醒! 为了避免交通阻塞,请乘搭公共交通工具前往本寺。由于停车位有限,驾驶者可将车辆停泊在其他停车场。(如图所示)

No Burning of joss paper boxes  本寺禁止焚烧冥纸箱



Guidelines for Offering Area 本寺祭拜处注意事项


Please look after your offerings and do not leave them unattended.

2. 祭拜后,请自行清理桌上供品

Clearing of offering items after prayers.

3. 祭拜后若不想带走水果,请把它放进指定桶里。

If you do not wish to bring the fruits offerings back, you may place them in the allocated bins.

Qing Ming Prayer Ceremony Location Map  清明节超度法会位置图