I started my first lesson in January 2021. Over time with regular attendance and practice at home, I find that meditation is like learning to build a shelter to protect yourself from storms.

In the past, I would often react impulsively based on negative emotions or old bad mental habits, or use unhealthy distractions to deal with stress.

Now, I am better able to notice thoughts and emotions arising and not get too caught up in the content of the thoughts. When there are crises, I am better able to manage the situation by applying observation so that I can choose wisely how to act.

Family members who don’t see me often have commented that I seem to be much happier these days. 

Lastly I wish to express my gratitude to Abbot for his gentle guidance as well as my appreciation for all the beautiful meditation hall at KMSPKS. It is an oasis of calm and is a very conducive environment to practice.

— Ms Low