Hall of Universal Brightness

The first hall in KMSPKS to be built, the Hall of Brightness houses three Buddha statues, symbolising the Buddhas of the past, present and future. Shakyamuni Buddha stated that the next Buddha of this human world would be Maitreya Buddha. The name Maitreya means “one who possesses loving-kindness” as he would willingly grant help to all who direct their minds towards him. Having practised the perfections, Maitreya now awaits the conditions when it will be suitable for him to be born in the human world and teach the Dharma for the good of many. Meanwhile, he resides in the Tushita Heaven.

Other interpretations of the symbolism of the three Buddha statues include

(1) the three bodies of the Buddha: Truth Body, Bliss Body and Manifestation Body, and
(2) the representation of Shakyamuni Buddha in the centre with Amitabha Buddha and Medicine Buddha on his left and right respectively.

The various interpretations remind us that all forms, including images of the Buddha, are inherently empty of any fixed essence, self-nature or substantiality. They are nothing but the gathering of causes and conditions. Therefore, one should not be attached to any kind of form.


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