Short-term Retreat 短期静修

Amid the chaos of today’s hectic pace, have you taken a moment to calm your inner thoughts? If you desire a deeper understanding of yourself and wish to embark on a journey of self-discovery, consider immersing yourself in a short-term retreat. This allows you to embrace a peaceful, detached lifestyle, allowing yourself to explore the deep corners of your mind. 


If you are:

  • Singapore male citizen  
  • Between the ages of 17 and 60
  • In good physical and mental health  
  • Able to commit to at least one month to a year of retreat


KMSPKS welcomes you to our zen and peaceful environment to deepen your cultivation.


How To Apply

Interested applicants should complete the application form along with their resume and submit it to Upon receipt, we will review your application and contact you within a couple of weeks.






  • 新加坡男性公民
  • 年龄 17 至 60 岁
  • 身心健康
  • 可以坚持至少一个月至一年的静修