Our Monastery and Facilities 寺院环境与设施

Mahāyāna Buddhism emphasises the development of compassion and wisdom, often referred to as “the two wings of a bird,” as crucial for spiritual growth. Aligned with KMSPKS’s vision to be a spiritual hub where Buddhists converge to learn, practice, and share Buddha’s teachings, Venerable Sik Kwang Sheng, our current Abbot, expanded our monastic training facilities. In 2005, this expansion included the establishment of the Buddhist College of Singapore (BCS), followed by the Prajna Meditation Hall (PMH) and Aloka Library in 2020.

Situated within KMSPKS, BCS offers BA and MA Degree programs in English and Chinese for local and overseas monastics. To harmonize academic studies with citta-bhāvanā and paññā-bhāvanā (development of the mind and wisdom), PMH frequently invites meditation masters from various Buddhist traditions to lead meditation retreats and share their wisdom cultivated through meditation. Furthermore, PMH houses the Aloka Library, containing extensive Buddhist literature and scriptures for deepening contemplation and exploration of the Dharma.

At KMSPKS, our comprehensive facilities and monastic programs are meticulously designed to effectively support your learning and spiritual growth, fostering your development into a versatile monastic leader and advocate of the Dharma.